Currently Running Projects

Finished Projects

 ・Global warming prevention technology development.
  Wind turbine noise reduction technology development.
  (Ministry of the Environment, started on August, 2011)
 ・Strategic international standardization promotion business (standardization
  research and development):
  Research and development of international standard on numerical
  simulation of wind turbine systems class assesment.
  (NEDO, started on October, 2010)
・Strategic international standardization promotion business
(standardization follow-up):
  Wind energy system standardization (subcontractor JEMA)
  (NEDO, September, 2010 - March, 2011)
 ・Wind energy systems maintenance business base build-up
  (NEDO, May, 2009 - March, 2010)
 ・Offshore wind energy systems feasibility study investigation
  (NEDO, July, 2008 - March, 2009)
 ・Wind energy systems international and domestic standards investigation
  (NEDO, July, 2008 - March, 2009)
 ・Guidelines for development of Japanese wind energy systems business model
  (NEDO, 2005 - 2007)
 ・New energy venture innovation business
  (NEDO, August, 2007 - March, 2008)
 ・Wind energy systems failure - accidents database and report
  (NEDO, October, 2007 - February, 2008)
 ・Offshore wind energy systems feasibility study preliminary investigation
  (NEDO, November, 2007 - February, 2008)
 ・Investigation of next-generation wind energy systems; technical problems
   and challenges
  (NEDO, March, 2007 - Septembar, 2007)
 ・Investigation of offshore wind energy systems; technical problems
   and challenges (Introduction)
  (NEDO, October, 2006 - Februar, 2007)
 ・Investigation of integration of hydrogen production facilities with wind energy
  systems using non-interconnected lines (Introduction)
  (NEDO/Ashikaga Institute of Technology joint research and development of
   practical utility study Jun, 2005

Technical Committee Meetings

IEC(International Electrotechnical Commission)

  •  ・TC88 (Wind Turbines)
  •  ・TC88/MT1 (Wind turbine design requirements)
  •  ・TC88/WG3-1 (Offshore wind turbine design requirements)
  •  ・TC88/MT22 (Certification organization requirement)

Japan Electric Manufacturers' Association

  •  ・Wind energy systems - standardization act committee member meeting.
  •  ・Wind energy systems - offshore design requirements subcommittee meeting.
  •  ・Wind energy systems - certification system investigation subcommittee meeting.

Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency

  • ・Wind energy systems - installation and maintenance technical standards investigation committee  member meeting. (Suzuki)

  ※2007 Investigation terminated.